The industry standard plastic A-Frame.Fits 24in x 36in graphic or sign. High Tack or flame treatment vinyl will need to be used if applying directly to surface. 

Signicade Deluxe

Signicade deluxe has a channel to slide in a 24in x 36in board or plastic sign up to 1/4in thick on both sides. Change signs in seconds.  

Signicade NXT

The NEW Signicade NXT has a stylish new design with wheels incorporated into the legs. Like the Signicade Deluxe, it has a channel to slide in 24"x36" panels. Available in White. Black is special order. 



Minicade has a 12in x 24in face for graphics or signs on both sides. White only.


Quick Sign

Lightweight and durable, the QuickSign holds an 18in x 24in board or plastic on both sides. White only. 


SimpoSign II

Holds a 22in x 28in board or plastic sign on both sides, plus an optional sign rider on top.


Premium Plastic H-Stake

CoroStake is made in the USA from recycled plastic, 
and with metal inserts that go into the corrugated plastic sign, and also into the ground. 
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Coroplast H Stake

These H-Stakes are made to fit into the flutes of a Coroplast sign, and then sicks into the ground. Great for yard signs, or political signs. Galvanized - 15in wide x 30in tall


Heavy Duty H Stake

For a longer lasting H-Stake, use this heavy duty version. The prongs will still fit into a 4mm coroplast sign, but the heavy duty frame will last for repeat usage.


HD Coroplast Stands

HD Coroplast stakes - uses foot to push into ground. 1/4in rod base with 5 inch prongs to stick into coroplast's flutes. Powder coated black 

Real Estate Stakes

Standard Real Estate Sign Stakes. Has a foot bracket to press into the earth. Optional cross bracket. 

Tubular A-Frame

Tubular A-frame hangs a 24in x 36in sign blank from the center, which can swing in the wind. Folds for easy transportation. Legs are 4 ft high when folded.

Wire A-Frame

These black wire a-frames fit an 18in x 24in sign blank. It also has a bracket on top for a rider. 


"Fender Buster"

Fender Buster has a removable 11lb or 20lb base.  Frames can fit from 18in x 24in sign, or 24in x 36in sign. 

TV Frame

This is kind of a double real estate stake. Fits 18in x 24in or a 24in x 36in sign. 


Classic Frame

Classic frame can be inserted in the ground with one foot, and fits a 18in x 24in sign. 


Retractable Banner Stand

Expo-X Retractable Banner Stand. Fits banners that are 33.4" x 78.7". Includes zippered carry bag.