Ordway Sign Supply

We measure our success by your success!

Since our conception in 1983, we've tried to service you, the customer, to the best of our ability. We realize you have many choices where to get your equipment and supplies from, and we strive for a level of service that keeps you coming back again and again. Our family run business continues to grow with the help of customers like you.
   Before we started Ordway Sign Supply, we were also signmakers. Frustrated by not having a local supplier in the immediate area, we opened the supply business trying to fill this void, figuring other local signmakers had the same problem. The closest supplier at the time was in downtown L.A., and if you ever traveled L.A.'s freeways, you know what a mess it can be sometimes. The San Fernando Valley, and Van Nuys in general is about 25 miles north of L.A.  
   Along with Paints, Brushes, Sign Blanks, and the such, we started producing vinyl lettering for the trade. Like just about everyone else, we put an old Gerber 4B to hell and back. From there we bought an Anagraph and then on to selling complete systems. Outlasting our dealerships with Technoarts, and HTD (they both went belly up), putting plotters and software together was a natural evolution.
   The vinyl revolution and technology has changed the way signs were made, and we've changed along with it. Now, digital printing is opening new doors and seems to be the next revolution. We continue to be committed to the keeping the the forefront of technology, and offering you new ways to be more profitable in this exciting and ever changing world. I hope you enjoy my website, and find it useful. It was produced entirely in-house. Many long nights were put into it. (My wife can tell you about the affair that she thinks I have with my computer). Thanks for your support...

Our building in 2020

Sign going in - 2006

Showroom Mural - 2020

Oracal Stock 2018

Good old One Shot from 1999. No longer around 

Staff picture from 2011

Rick Glawson guilding our door in 1998. 

Trade Tech gave us an honor (which we don't deserve)

Box Truck - 2009

One of our Delivery Vans - 2007

One of our Delivery Vans 2007

One of our Delivery Vans 2007

Delivery Truck - 2008

Prius Delivery Vehicle - 2012

Back of our Scion/Hummer 

Wrap Class - 2011

Scion Hummer "XB" delivery vehicle - 2011

This was one of my favorites...

Wrap Class - 2008

Wrap Class 2009

Wrap Class 2009

Wrap Class - 2010

Wrap Class 2010

Wrap Class 2017

Wrap Class - 2009

Wrap Class 2012

Wrap Class 2012

Wrap Class - 2013

Wrap Class 2013

Wrap Class 2018

Wrap Class - 2011

Wrap Class 2013

SignLab Training 2017

Wrap Class - 2014

Wrap Class 2015

Wrap Class 2016

Open House - 2013

Opne Hosue - 2014

Open House - 2014

Letterheads Event - 1996

SuperFrog doin' is thing. 

Nick Barber Special...

Trade Show Booth - approx 2000

Trade Show Booth - 2002

Trade Show Booth - 2015

Trade Show Booth - 2018

Trade Show Booth - 2010

Three Stooges!

To everyone who helped to create the memories, we give you a heart felt Thank You!